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"Connected Chaos: How To Turn Stress Into Success"
Crisis Management For Business Leaders & High Performers 
Virtual Summit | November 13-14 Via Zoom

World Renowned Speakers, Business Leaders & Experts Show You Exactly How To Turn Massive Stress Into Success By Using Crisis Management And A Holistic Approach To Business And Life As The Ultimate Peak Performance Tool To Overcome ANY Obstacle! 

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Stress      Health      Business     Performance      Passion

Stress    Health   Business     Performance      Passion

Why Crisis Management?

Over the last 9 months, the world has been shown an unprecedented level of chaos and crisis that has affected everyone in some way, shape or form. 

With millions out of work, massive amounts of business owners, leaders and even entire industries collapsing, and panic among the general public...knowing how to identify, handle and neutralize stress and crisis in your life, health, relationships and career is a MUST for anyone looking to succeed in the future.

That is exactly why Sean McCarthy, peak performance expert & holistic health coach decided to host the "Crisis Management For Business Leaders & High Performers" Event.

Sean wanted to to create an event where people can learn about EVERY aspect of crisis and stress management - from world class business and professional coaching, to health experts, to peak performance experts, he wanted to assemble to most well-rounded, integrated and complete array of speakers and experts to offer their insights and solutions to solving crisis, chaos and stressful situations in work, life and health.

Meet The Speakers:

Sean McCarthy, Event Founder: 
"Stress Management For Peak Performance" 

Sean McCarthy is a holistic health coach and peak performance expert who has helped professional athletes, top business leaders and high performers for over 20 years reach their highest potential and overcome major obstacles in their life and careers.

His journey started when his wife, Brenda Schultz-McCarthy, former top 10 ranked tennis player and world record holder, suffered a career ending back injury at the height of her professional tennis career and was told she would never play again.

This forced Sean to seek an answer, and he set out on a journey to understand what truly creates limits in ones performance and ability to overcome obstacles. 

Sean began learning and developing different tools and techniques to identify and eliminate the unknown causes of stress and because of this, 7 years after she was told she would never play tennis again, Brenda returned to professional tennis and broke the world record for fastest serve in the world (130 MPH).

Sean Casey, 3-Time MLB All-Star:

Sean Casey played 11 years in the MLB, making it to the status of all-star 3 times and playing in the 2006 World Series.

Sean has an unrivaled passion for performance and mindset, making him a perfect speaker for this event.

He will share how he was able to harness the power of his mindset, block out the noise and distractions, and be at his BEST state, even when the pressure was short, he will tell you how to CRUSH pressure and perform no matter what.

Brenda Schultz-McCarthy, former top 10 Professional Tennis Player, 2x Olympian & World Record Holder:

Brenda knows the art of resilience well. When she was at the height of her tennis career, she suffered a career ending back injury, coupled with the loss of her mother not long before that.

Brenda learned to overcome this challenge by working with her husband Sean, and not only returned to tennis, but she managed to break the world record for fastest serve in the world at the age of 36. This is just one of many times Brenda had to beat the odds, and she will teach out how to do the same.

Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International, World Renowned Sales Trainer:
"Being a Conscious CEO" 

Amanda's father, Chet Holmes wrote one of the highest selling sales books ever written, "The Ultimate Sales Machine", in 2007, and is still at the top of the charts to this day.

However, after Chet passed away due to  Leukemia, Amanda, who was just 24 at the time and pursuing a career as an artist was suddenly the CEO of a major sales training organization, with most of the people working for her being twice her age.

Amanda did not only learn to become an extraordinarily successful sales trainer herself, training Fortune 500 companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Wells Fargo, but also came to understand the importance of being connected in mind, body and spirit.

Amanda will share her experience over overcoming her father death, leading a major company, and her personal journey of self discovery.

James DePaiva, Actor, Longtime Star of 'One Life To Live'
"When Crisis Hits Close To Home" 

After a long, rewarding acting career, James had what many people believed to be an ideal life... Wealth, fame and status.

However, when his wife was diagnosed with cancer and was told her days were numbered, no amount of fame or wealth could solve such a crisis.

This forced James to dig deep and learn how to handle crisis that hits close to home, and he will share what he learned and how you can learn to do the same.

Tracy Goss, Author and Executive Reinvention Coach:
"Achieving The Impossible In Business and Life "

Tracy Goss is the author of 'The Last Word on Power: Executive Reinvention For Leaders Who Must Make The Impossible Happen' and an executive coach who has worked with major companies and their executive teams such as chase bank, Schnucks Markets, HEB and many more on transforming their organizations through first transforming their leaders.

Tracy specializes in helping people understand what is currently in their “realm of possibilities” to achieve , and how to go outside of what is possible to achieve the impossible in business and life.

Jon Hinds, Former NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach & Founder of 'The Monkey Bar Gymnasium:
"Breath-work, Movement & Longevity " 

Jon Hinds is a former NBA strength and conditioning coach and is a training consultant for the NFL and MBA.

 He has trained over one hundred pro athletes and has also worked with renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Jon has made it his life mission to understand and share training methods, movements, breath work and nutrition for performance, health, recovery and longevity. 

Bill Petrella, President & CEO of Hotel Emma:
Surviving In Business When Your Entire Industry Is Threatened  

Bill is the president and CEO of one of the most revered hotels in North America, The Hotel Emma.

Bills hotel has received praise from the likes of Cher, Charles Barkley, Brendan Schaub and many more celebrities and people from all around the world.

However, when Covid-19 restrictions hit, the entire hospitality industry was changed nearly overnight. Hotels like The Hotel Emma went from being powerhouses in their industry, to being uncertain if they can remain in business.

Bill will share how he was able to not only keep the doors open and overcome these major challenges, but remain as one of the only hotels in the city of San Antonio to remain open.

About The Event

The Crisis Management For Business Leaders & High Performers Event will take place via Zoom on Friday, November 13 & Saturday, November 14.

The first session will take place Friday from 6:30-7pm EST, and will serve as a welcome and introduction session, where each speaker will introduce themselves, their topic and what crisis means to them. 

Finally, Sean will share a personal story of crisis and how he had to overcome it in his own life to officially kick off the event and wrap up the Friday session.

The majority of the teaching and event will take place on Saturday.

To be time efficient, rather than having each presenter speak separately, we will have 3 mini panels on Saturday, starting at 10am EST, each with 4-5 speakers and lasting around 45 minutes and Sean serving as a moderator. The Saturday session should conclude around 2pm EST.

Sean McCarthy, Host, Holistic Health Coach & Peak Performance Expert:

"Why Stress Management is the Ultimate Peak Performance Tool"

Brenda Schultz-McCarthy, Fr Top 10 Professional Tennis Player & World Record Holder:

"The Art of Resilience"

Sean Casey, 3-Time MLB All-Star, MLB Network Color Analyst:

"Mindset & Performing Under Pressure"

Tracy Goss, Executive Reinvention Expert & Author:

"Achieving The Impossible In Business & Life"

Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International:

"Achieving The Impossible In Business & Life"

Jon Hinds, Founder of Monkey Bar Gymnasium & World Renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach:

"Longevity & Movement"

Kurt Treu, Executive Coach, Former Market President of US Bank:


Bill Petrella, CEO of Hotel Emma:

""Surviving When Your Entire Industry Is Threatened "

Pat Welsh, Founder of Livegreen:

"Handling Stress as an Entrepreneur"

...And Many More!

Added Bonus #1: Free Archetype Coaching Session For First 10 Registrants Only! ($500 value)

If you are one of the first 10 people to sign up, you will receive a free coaching session on “Understanding & managing archetypes” , which is perhaps the most crucial step of overcoming and avoiding crisis in life and business!

Archetypes are a framework for how we view, perceive and act in the world and different situations. They essentially shape how we act, react and interface with challenges, people and every aspect of life. 

Major corporations, leaders and even the military use archetype work to understand how archetypes shape their performance , thoughts, beliefs, actions and life. 

Our team of world Renowned coaches are some of the most skilled archetype specialists in the world, and during your free coaching session, we will map out all of your most dominant archetypes that shape your life, and give you tools and ways to manage or even swap negative archetypes for positive ones, allowing you to have more resilience, clarity and far better performance in the face of adversity all without working harder or doing tons of “self help” work. 

The typical price we charge for a personal archetype assessment is $500, but if you sing up now, you can get this entire session for free!

Upon signing up, our team will personally contact you via email to schedule your free session at the time and date that works best for you!

Added Bonus #2: Free Ongoing Training and Content!

As an added bonus, we will also offer LIFETIME ACCESS to our "Crisis & Stress Management" Facebook Group, where we will post continual content, coaching tools, resources and interviews with top experts on health, business, performance and stress! 

This Facebook group is ONLY available to those who attend the event!

Added Bonus #3: Proceeds Go To Charity!

All proceeds raised from this event will go to "The Connected Servant", which is a project of The TEDS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, FEIN# 35-2433095.

The Connected Servant was a project started by Sean McCarthy to help people of service such as nurses, military veterans, first responders, therapists, counselors and more overcome and heal their own trauma that they have experienced from a a lifetime of serving others. These programs include virtual health coaching sessions, emotional healing sessions, as well has supplying these people of service with "The Connected Servant" book that was just released, and further helps educate people of service on overcoming trauma.

What You're Getting By Registering:

  • LIVE world class training and information from the top experts teaching you how to overcome & avoid crisis, eliminate stress, increase performance and improve your health ($2,500 value)
  • ​FULL recording of the entire event that you can rewatch whenever, wherever. ($200 value)
  • FREE Archetype Coaching Session ($500 value)
  • ​FREE Lifetime Access To The "Connected Chaos" Facebook Group 
  • ​All proceeds go to charity
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